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Looking for new clients

Do you provide services? Do you want to increase your customer base? Attract new clients? Or maybe get new customers on an ongoing basis? JOXUP will help you with this!
One of the main key tasks for a business at all stages of development is its recognition. Spread your services and a large number of people will know about you. The more people know about you, the more likely it is to find a potential client who will choose you and make an online appointment just for you. Advertising is important, advertising helps to raise awareness of your business and spread the word about you, but it is expensive and may not always be effective. One of the effective ways to increase the number of potential customers without additional investment is to provide your services on the JOXUP platform. By providing your services, you cover a wide range of target audience and increase the likelihood of finding a potential client.

Your awareness affects competitiveness and is important at all stages of your business development.
Registration of services is absolutely free, you just add your services in your city and offer them to potential customers who need them. This is the easiest way to increase potential customers without additional investment. Even though JOXUP positions itself as an online appointment service, you can use it as a platform to register your services in your city and simply redirect customers to your own page, the appointment site. The very use of the JOXUP online customer record service will help facilitate the task of registering customers, monitor the customers you have attracted and perform important tasks automatically.