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Looking for an app to book clients? Which will meet modern standards and norms? You found us!
JOXUP is a client booking application for masters. The service acts as a modern diary for appointments clients.
You can start accepting customer appointments absolutely free of charge. The master, using the service, creates his own calendar for appointment clients and sets it up as he sees fit. The created calendar will act as a source for choosing a convenient time for a potential client.


In the modern world, time is important for every person. You can spend it thoughtlessly in a long search for the specialist, the service, or you can save time along with the JOXUP online booking system and spend your precious time on more necessary and useful things: Family, leisure, business, work... Making an online appointment will not take more than 5 minutes.

For provider (Service Representative)

Using JOXUP service provider (hereinafter referred to as seller) can easily track and plan their work schedule. He no longer needs to be distracted from his direct duties, but directly engage in his favorite business, increasing his performance at times. On each booking, the seller will receive a notification and full contact details of the client who was registered with him. He has the right to edit the client's appointment at his convenience and contact him directly if necessary.
He can track the status of his appointments, build statistics on the visits of his clients, thereby analyze the work and increase its efficiency. No advanced knowledge is required to start working with online booking on JOXUP, the system is designed for the average PC user. At all stages of setting up your services, you will be accompanied by the necessary tips and recommendations for the correct and effective setting up of your company. Also, our support team is always available for you and ready to help with setting up your company, your services.
The online booking service is first and foremost about safety. All company data is transmitted in encrypted form, which eliminates the possibility of customer data leakage.
With the help of JOXUP app you can make your work as convenient as possible, send premature SMS/Push notifications about appointments to your clients and reminders to make an appointment ;)


You no longer need to spend a huge amount of time searching, you can now do it all quickly, conveniently, find an excellent specialist who is near you. You can schedule an appointment for the future and plan your time in advance for a trip to a specialist, master. Evaluate the quality of the services provided and evaluate its work. This will not be a bad indicator of quality for future customers.